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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  November 1, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday. be safe. you're watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland devastation up and down the east coast from rain, wind, even snow. the governor is going to go to the hardest hit counties, a place where people are struggling to dig out after sandy. >> an entire community wiped out by sandy. a massive fire broke out in queens at the same time the storm hit and now those are seeing the destruction for the first time. we're going to take you there. thanks so much for joining us. i'm megan pringle. charlie is on a special assignment. in the meantime i know a lot of
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you are finally saying, okay, we are gone with sandy and now what is next, maybe some sunshine so we can dry out and clean out. let's find out. we're going to send it over to meteorologist lynn net charles. >> we see that see a couple of light showers trike to work their way into carroll county and frederick county. we are dry looking at some snow towards the west. that will continue as we go throughout the day. we will be cold once again this morning. make sure you have that coat. we can see emmittsburg coming in at 42 degrees, 44 at perry hall and glen burnie. check out that hour by hour forecast for you as you plan. we're waking up around 6:00 this morning, that temperature at 44 degrees. we will be under mostly cloudy skies. that will continue throughout day.
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i'm not going to rule out a few peaks of sunshine. as we go into 9:00, 46 degrees not warming up a whole lot, and by lunchtime, 52 and once again we will be breezy. be prepared for that as well. let's get a check of the abc2 time saver traffic. definitely a chilly halloween. it looks like those cold temperatures will continue. if you are traveling into the city, no problems to report on the jfx. it will be nice and clear from 695 to east fayette street. everything up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. and you are using the beltway nothing to get in your way. it will be a nice easy ride on the inner loop through pikesville. this is what 695 looks like in parkville at hartford road, no problems to report heading up towards towson. many of you the lights are back on and you're waking up in a warm house this morning.
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bge says they have restored power it more than 90% of customers in the area. the company has thousands of employees right now trying to get the job done. that includes nearly 2,000 out of state workers brought in from maryland to help. they hope to have everybody's power back on by friday night. the video and pictures from new york and new jersey are reminders of how bad things could have been for us here in maryland. this morning we're sending help. and linda so joins us right now. i know a lot of people are wondering what can i do. what kind of assistance is heading up north. >> baltimore city is sending two ambulances a total of five emergency personnel to atlantic county. they will be leaving on northern parkway any minute now. they're on their way to flooded our areas in new jersey where homes are destroyed. they'll be joined by several other medics in maryland to help with the recovery.
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they're stocked with bandages, back boards, splints and once they get to new jersey they'll be responding to 9-1-1 calls. the team that is leaving from baltimore will be making a quick stop in elkton to meet up with other units. they'll be heading to new jersey together. they're expected to get there by nine this morning. we'll have new video of those medic units leaving. volunteers giving up time to help storm victims they deserve a huge thank you. later on this morning the senator is touring the red cross super storm headquarters in baltimore. the senator will meet with volunteers helping those affected by sandy. 200 red cross workers from concerned the country. they have been deployed to the maryland delaware area to provide disaster assistance. san did i was a storm that brought different kinds of weather to our area. that doesn't mean you didn't
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see something. governor o'malley will be in garrett county. sandy dumped more than 2 feet of snow in that area. garrett county could see another 3 to 5 inches before the week is over, and people can starting digging out. thousands in that county are without power this morning. baltimore city officials did everything possible to prepare for sandy. you may remember this scene, that's where people could get sandbags. the baltimore city department of transportation wants to make sure you dispose that sand properly. today and tomorrow you can return the bags to dropoff locations set up around the city. they're going to be open from 10 in the morning. just a reminder sand should not be dumped in storm drains inlets or gutters. >> you were talking about hohou in garrett county, 29 inches of snowfall, wow. let's talk about what's going on with sandy as it begins and
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continues rather to put away from us now spinning in canada, that remnant low and with it spinning back some cloud cover and some rain in certain spots, but for us we're mainly getting in on the clouds. that will continue throughout the day. we do see some very light showers on the border of frederick and carroll county. as we go into the afternoon i'll keep a slight chance in. we could be seeing sunshine out there as well. let's check out the temperatures right now because the big story, we are cold. chest peak beach at 40 and 45 degrees at spare row's point. sandy ripped through new york and new jersey. it may be gone but it is going to take a lot of time to get back on their feet with so many people. we're going to show you some of the hardest hit areas. >> and people living in working in new york city they depend on public transportation to get
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around. sandy brought all of that to a complete spot. find out when spans assistance is back and running. 83 is nice and clear. i'll let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and 695 coming up next. >> and you are taking a live look at new york city's time square where cleanup efforts are still underway following hurricane sandy. we'll have all the details coming up next on good morning maryland.
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4:39. thanks for joining us. in the aftermath of sandy hospitals in new york are struggling to stay open and operate in the height of the storm. the nyu medical center had to be evacuated, this morning another hospital is closing its doors and moving their patients. abc2 news kirk union key is outside that hospital. >> it's power is out. they had backup generators, they thought they'd be oak but
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they realized the flooding was worse than anticipated. they had to evacuate patients and relocate them to other hospitals in the area. it's been quite the process. i want to show you a couple scenes along the jersey shore that we found. take a look at this. this is reed's beach, it was destroyed by this hurricane. some homes had entire rooms ripped off, couches thrown across the neighborhood, and you can imagine people really in awe just looking at this. and then further up new jersey, take a look at this, boats picked up by the hurricane and thrown across this marina. 40 to 50 boats here destroyed. i talked to one boat owner as he was taking a look at some of the damage. >> it's absolutely devastating. i've never seen anything -- you can't even imagine, you know. it's like a bomb went off. >> a lot of people trying to figure out where to start the process of cleaning things up is what's happening this
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morning, and the power still not on for a lot of people, like the hospital here behind me. we're hearing in some areas it could be weeks before the power is turned back on. in new york city, back to you. so we're seeing this situation in new york and new jersey, some of the hardest hit areas. a lot of you are saying my yard needs to be cleaned up too. my roof collapsed. all that debris, flooding and damage, you might want to know when is it going to dry out. let's send it over to lynette charles. >> some people -- we're still going to be seeing lots of clouds around and we're also dealing with light showers as we head over to carroll county. you can see it off towards the west of westminster right now. if you're heading down arthur ridge, mount airy getting in on that as well . this will start to diminish as we go throughout the day.
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again, we will see plenty of cloud cover across the area, maybe a few peeks of sunshine, but mostly cloudy skies. the more important story, we will be breezy and we're also going to be cold. remember how we were in that indian summer for a while, sandy just shifted a whole new weather pattern. this is late november temperatures that we'll be seeing as we go through the afternoon. but right now coming in at 45 degrees in arnold, owings medicals at 43. pilesville coming coming in at 42. we're going to see the winds out of the west at 7 miles an hour right now in baltimore, 5 in east ton, these will pick up through the day. another breezy day on tap for us. this is what i'm talking about. sandy's remnants well up into canada, but still you get that counterclockwise spin around that, so that is pulling in some colder air, some chilly air, so we will be chilly and breezy as we head throughout the day. you see high pressure back off
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towards the west there. we really want that to come in here. we will begin to do so. you can start to feel better, get more sunshine in here. as we check out what's going to happen throughout the day, here we go with the cloud cover. let's go ahead and send this over to lauren. she has a check of the roads. you haven't fortunately -- unfortunately we're still dealing with power sections. remember to treat those intersections as a four-way stop. in hartford county we are still dealing with storm damage. we are some on friendship road at 152. others include mayhem road, as well as creston's drive at 543. if you're using 95 no problems to report from bel air down to white marshen and as we check in and take a look at 95, everything moving right along, no delays. harbor tunnel in great shape. and 695, baltimore national pike, no delays a from 795 down
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to 95. that is a look at your time saver traffic. the nation's largest public transportation system will open up today. new york city subways and east river ferries ferries are going to rum service but it is limited. there's not going to be any subway service in lower manhattan. many of the subway stations in new york are flooded as a result of sandy. despite this limited service, new york city their transportation emergency, that's why new york governor andrew cuomo is await waiving all fares for the buses. starting today the army corps of engineers will bring in 250 high speed power pumping devices to clear out the water. you may have the debris to pick up in your yard or perhaps you have a roof that blew off. a lot of us have some damage
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and that is a hassle, no doubt about it. when we see what happened in other places, especially a small community in queens, one particular neighborhood it makes you realize how powerful this storm could be. news news sherrieabc2 news sherrie johnson is here. >> people on the outskirts of new york city returned home to find fire had taken everything the water had not. the fire was reported monday night after super storm sandy began sweeping through the region. families tried to salvage whatever they could find, melted bicycles, charred tolls, blackened chairs from happier times were scattered all around the area with small fires still burning. as families searched for their belongingser fire search and rescue teams searched for anyone who may have disappeared. they lost many people on 9/11
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ask right now they're trying to come together to support one. >> reporter: things like this happen in missouri, they happen in california. they don't happen here. this is not supposed to happen here. it's terrible. it's people's lives and homes that are gone o',. >> fire officials say that the fire burned about 110 homes in the breezy point community. sherrie johnson abc2 news. the election is just a few days away and for one little girl tuesday can't come soon enough. we're going to tell you why she's so upset about presidential politics. and the average cost for a gallon of gas in maryland, right now 3.56. today you can get it a lot cheaper. find out where. we're looking at the mobile phone, this means that you need to go to our app store and download our app so you can follow along with what's going on. the remnants of sandy well off
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to the north now. don't go anywhere, good morning maryland will be right back.
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. the 2012 election is five days away but because of sandy president obama put campaigning on hold. instead he turned his attention to the victims of the storm, and now the recovery stage continues. political rivals are joining forces. here's. >> now a natural disaster has softened party lines in the form of an unlikely pairing. new jersey governor chris christie and democratic president barack obama toured the storm ravaged state of new jersey. >> i cannot thank the president enough for the his personal concern and compassion for our state. >> it's not the first time this week christie has offered praise for the president. obama is also applauding the governor. >> i think the people of new jersey recognize he has put his heart and soul into making sure
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the people of new jersey bounce back. >> it has created a stir. >> the next president of the united states governor mitt romney. >> christie is one of mitt romney's most outspoken supporters on the trail picked to give the keynote address at the republican national convention. >> real leaders don't follow polls. real leaders change polls. >> if history teaches us anything, it's that some things are bigger than politics. in washington i'm terry dun ham. >> it seems republican nominee mitt romney is softening the attacks on his opponent. yesterday romney held three rallies in florida but did not mention president obama's name at all. while romney was in florida, obama was in new jersey touring storm damage there and romney is now getting ready to kick off the final days of campaigning. while the election is a big deal for the future of our country, no doubt about it, we have certainly seen the campaigning mode for a whole lot of other issues, and it's probably fair to say that some
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of you are ready for the election to be over. if you're one of those people you're not alone. we want to show you what happened to a girl, 4 years old, when she heard the election coverage on the radio. >> just because i'm tired -- i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? >> oh, it will be over soon, abby. okay? the election will be over soon. okay? >> okay. i think a lot of people feel that way. that is abby evans. she lives in colorado and she was listening to npr with her mother on the way to the grocery store. the video went viral. it turns out the 4-year-old has big plans for her future and you can probably guess it has nothing to do with politics. >> what do you want to be when you grow up?
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>> an astronaut. >> why do you want to be an astronaut? >> because i know all the planets. >> can you tell them to me. >> mercury, venus -- >> when npr found out she got so upset they posted an apology that read, dear little girl, sorry we made you cry about barack obama and mitt romney. so of course that is coming out of colorado. i think a lot of people can relate to how little abby feels. five things you may want to know as you head out the door. mayor rawlings blake will launch trade today. this is a new web site that will feature low cost job and training skill opportunities for the city. the nonprofit jobs opportunity task force will be on hand for this launch, which will take place at the east side one stop career center. >> and you can make it possible for children in need to have presents on christmas morning.
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today and tomorrow the marines will be stationed at toys"r"us stores. this is happening all around baltimore. they're accepting toy donations and money. it's part of the marine's toys for to thes. price of gas will be rolled back 1.84 today. it's happening at a station in towson. the group americans for prosperity, they want to show how different things were four years ago before president obama took office. it will take place at 4 until 6:00 this evening at the hess station on east doppler road. >> did you go sign on to a student loan so your child can attend college. many families are now finding that the backing of that loan can be quite costly. you see the tough job market, many parents and grandparents are left with the debt and are facing debt collectors. last year more than 90% of private loans had to have a cosigner. high school graduation rates went up in maryland last
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year. that's according to data from the state department of education. it happened that 83% of those whschool. that was in 2007 and 2008, graduating in 2011. the report also says that the dropout rate in the state fell slightly from 12% to 11%. >> time now for a check on your weather. we're going to send it over to meteorologist lynette charles. i know a lot of people are hoping for a sigh of relief. it would be nice to see dry weather. >> we're starting to improve conditions, and kids going back to school, so we have to get them on the bus for today. when doing so, it is going to be chilly just like yesterday. yesterday, today the exact same for the most part. let's talk about the temperatures this morning, make sure you bundle those kids up. 43 degrees chilly and the chill will continue into the afternoon with that temperature coming in at 54 degrees once they get out of school. look at the seven-day forecast because the breezes will continue today and also


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